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Evolved Fights – Avery Black
Released: June 12, 2020
Today we bring you a special Treat. Avery Black is a petite, all natural beauty with a ballet background. Ballet seems to assist this rookie a lot in her match today against the undefeated, Oliver Davis. This Brunette beauty is able to use her powerful hips and legs to sweep and reverse Oliver several times. It is worth watching this video purely to see how this natural points her pretty toes and elongates her legs by extending her toe point into the most beautiful ways…
If you are foot guy, this will have some really beautiful aesthetics for you. Avery Black puts on an amazing performance for her Debut on our mats. She ties up both rounds 1 and 2 bringing this match to a very intense, erotic round 3. Who ever wins round 3 wins the match. There is a lot of back and forth in this match due to Avery’s ability to get her sex points in any position. She puts Oliver in danger. Could this be the first loss of mr. Davis? Round 4 is just as passionate as the wrestling with these two opponents staring into each other’s eyes trying to command the other to cum. The prize round ends with a cream pie. Both wrestlers are drained of orgasms but only one gets to leave with a W.


Evolved Fights | Avery Black | MyXXX.video

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PornStars: Avery Black
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Pornstars: Avery Black

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