Robocock | Zanna Blue |

Robocock – Zanna Blue
Average joe Charles Dera is about to have sex with his wife, the sexy Zanna Blue, when tragedy strikes and he critically injures his cock. One month later, Charles finally returns home from the hospital. Zanna is hesitant to see what’s become of her man’s penis and is even ready to leave him, but he surprises her by revealing his new high-tech Robocock… the most advanced dick in the world! Zanna is weirded out, but intrigued by the new cock and allows Dera to try it out on her.


Robocock | Zanna Blue |

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PornStars: Charles Dera, Zanna Blue
Categories: Brazzers Porn Videos


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Pornstars: Charles Dera / Zanna Blue

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